#51: John Barleycorn (115)

First, I have to apologize to my legions of fans for slacking on my posting for the last month … I have no excuse.  Just accept it and let’s get on with it.  LOL.  Secondly, sorry to disappoint you, but I put the hiatus on my 365 beers in 365 days.  I couldn’t stand the pressure … plus, sometimes I like drinking the same beer.  Oh well.  So life goes.  But let’s get back to the task at hand!  The Growler List.   This last weekend I had to be in Chicago.  Sweet!  Why is this sweet you say?  Well … there are 5 places on the Growler list in Chicago … yes. I knocked out all 5.  Today’s post is the first one I visited … #115 on the list — John Barleycorn.

DSC_0055 DSC_0058 DSC_0061 DSC_0064

There are four versions of this place in Chicago.  Although not the original, this one was outstanding.  I showed up a few minutes before they were supposed to open and they welcomed me right in!  The manager, Mr. Brett Mizera, was very knowledgeable and really set the tone.  He handed me over to Miko and she was also well informed.

They had a great selection of local brews, so I had the sampler (with a couple of subsitutions … thanks Miko).

DSC_0067 DSC_0070 DSC_0073

I chased down my beers with the Patty Melt on Texas Toast. Of Course!  haha.  Definitely deserves to be on the list.  Worth a visit if you are in the city.

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor


Beer 45: En el Bosque

I went to Randalls and picked out a bunch of new beers for me.  I thought, since I’m trying 365, I ought to have completely new ones.  I already had one of these Nomada beers (the Royal Porter a couple of days ago).  This one is called: En el Bosque. 

beer45a Beer45 - en el bosque

This was an excellent beer–I believe it is an Amber Ale.  En el Bosque means “In the Forest.”  This was a collaboration beer between Nomada (Spanish Gypsy Brewers) and Omnipollo (Swedish Gypsy Brewers).

I’m enjoying the different gypsy beers I’ve sampled.  Gotta keep ’em coming!

Beer Mentor

Beermentor’s Neighborhood: PW Pizza (Beer 22/Day 22)

Beermentor’s Neighborhood is like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood … only with more beer.  I’m going to share my neighborhood stops with you.  This first group is all within walking distance.  The second group will be within 4 miles [15 minute drive or less (by cab) lol].

For instance, within 4 miles of me are: Anheuser Busch Brewing (yes…the big one).  Civil Life, Urban Chestnut, Schlafly,  Four Hands, Sixth Shift, and Alpha Brewing.  But I digress.  Let’s start with PW Pizza.

Easy walk from my place to great Pizza!  PW Pizza is located in the Centennial Malt House, once part of a large brewing/entertainment complex.  A great building worth a visit!

PW Pizza, which gets its name from its creators, Paul and Wendy, focuses on fresh seasonal ingredients prepared and served in a unique creative atmosp here.  The menu consists of pizzas, calzones, appetizers, salads, soups and desserts with a bar focusing on craft beer and wine.

While the beer list is not extensive, it is exceptional (8 on tap and about 40 in bottles).  I had (for my 22nd beer in a row if you are keeping track!) Schafly’s Tazmanian IPA or TIPA.  So smooth and nice–on tap.  The flavor and aroma of these three hops (Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial) really set this beer apart.  Great job by Schlafly.

Beer23 - Tazmania IPA Beer23a - PW Pizza

I also enjoyed this Ethos IPA … brewed by Tallgrass Brewing.  Definitely a West Coast IPA … easy drinker.  Haha.

Beer23b - Ethos IPA

This first entry in Beermentor’s Neighborhood is also kid-friendly (see Mr. Roger’s?) .  For those who must drive, easy parking too.  Come for a visit and we’ll have some pizza!

Enjoy, Beer Mentor

Beer 8 / Day 8: Super Bock!

I’m celebrating Columbus day in Portugal.  Only appropriate since this is his country.  I figured I should probably have a beer from Portugal today too.  So here it is: The Super Bock from Unicer!


Not really that great … typical lager from a country not really known for beer.  That’s ok, though.  It’s all about the experience.  I drank this one on the train.  Then followed it up with a “Cafe”


If you like beer, and appreciate the variety, you gotta try it once just to add it to your “repertoire.”  haha.  Enjoy it as you would a Budweiser.

Beer Mentor


Day 7/Beer 7: Allagash White!

As a frequent traveler I sometimes find it challenging to find a beer to drink when on the road.  I was at the Newark Airport and stopped in at the Garden State Diner.

They had two Allagash beers on tap: The White and the Tripel.

I drank them both!  But my beer for today was the White.  I remember now why I like this beer … right in style and really flavorful.  The presentation was nice too.  I need to start adding a little more detail to the beers I drink.  Stay tuned … I’m on vacation for crying out loud! lol.

IMG_1524 IMG_1526

Oh, I will be visiting this brewery–they are too good to leave off my visit list!

Beer Mentor

Day5/Beer5: Lewis & Clark Tumbleweed IPA

Had some chores to finish up at home tonight so I went to my Beer Mentor “Stash.”  I broke out a Lewis & Clark Tumbleweed IPA that my friend brought to me from his travels out west!

beer5 Beer5-Tumbleweed-IPA

This award-winning beer comes to me from the great state of Montana.  As soon as you pour it and raise the glass that wonderful hop aroma smacks you in the face.  You can definitely taste the American “C” hops in here … and that’s not a bad thing!  If you can get your hands on a six-pack of these cans … I’d do it!

Beer Mentor

#38: 5 seasons brewing (#122)

Went to 5 Seasons Brewing in Atlanta on the 27th of November, 2011 … I was on my way to the East Coast for some training … and since it was on the way!  haha.  This is listed as location number 122 on All About Beers growler list (see previous post)–it is #38 on the list for me.  This location is the original — I think there are now 3 “5 Seasons Brewing” locations in Atlanta.

As I stated, I was passing through — you can see that my car actually fit in their parking garage!  Sweet …

Once out of the parking garage, you have a nice view of the interesting entrance into the “Brewery.”


Since I was driving I had to limit myself to the sampler … nice selection of beers.  I sat at the bar–I really liked the way they had their bar set up — good looking taps.  All of the beers were fresh tasting with no off-flavors from infected lines.  That’s always a plus!


Of course, you can’t just drink the beer … you’ve got to sample the menu too!  I did and it, too, was very good.  I highly recommend this place if you are passing through Atlanta.  The staff were very nice, their menu items were very palatable (I had the alligator eggrolls and the Spaetlze), and the beer was excellent!  Of the five I sampled I really enjoyed both the Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale and the Hopgasm.



Beer Mentor

Freetail Brewing … Reprise!

My good friend Mike joined me for Thanksgiving week and we slid on over to Freetail Brewing (on my recommendation of course!)  I really enjoy this small batch brewery.  They usually have guest brews along with their own beers.

As you can see from the pictures they have a wide (strange) varieties of beers!  They aren’t afraid of interesting ingredients (prickly pear cactus) or different yeasts (ale, lager, wild, etc).

 My only complaint about this place is, because it is a micro-brewery in every sense of the word, they have a tendency to run out of their beers pretty quickly–you have to really pay attention to the chalk board to see what they have on tap.  However, they run out because they have good beer!  Worth a trip.


Beer Mentor

The Tap Room (San Marcos)

Last summer as I was visiting both my daughters at Texas State University in San Marcos, my older daughter introduced me to “The Tap Room.”  This pub is right off campus (well within walking distance).  Here’s a shot of the exterior and my wife and daughter inside.

This place has been open since 1993 — it has an excellent selection of brews on tap … and it has all the character you need.  If you are passing through, I recommend a stop in!

Oh yeah, it has a great collection of tap handles as well.


Beer Mentor