Beer 53: A Horizontal Tasting!

My friend Mike and I had ourselves a little vertical tasting … we decided to sample several different (very good) Stouts.  There were four in this tasting:

1) Mike’s Chocolate Imperial Stout (beer 53).

2) Boulevard’s Dark Truth

3) Founder’s Breakfast Stout

4) Bell’s Expedition Stout



Whoa … all four of these were exceptional beers!  I liked Mike’s homebrew the best … my next favorite was probably the Founder’s, but it was hard to compare.  Although they were all Stouts, they all had different characteristics that made them unique.  Well worth a purchase and a sample (if you can get them in your area!)

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Beer 52: Perennial Artisan / 4Hands Marathon

Today Mike and I hit two local breweries making excellent beers!

First on the list was Perennial Artisan Ales.  This place (as I’ve mentioned before) is awesome!  You never know what will show up on tap!  So, we ordered a sample of all 8 (two samplers actually).  The beers on tap this night were: 1) Coffee Abraxas, 2) Abraxas (Mexican Chocolate Stout), 3) Seventeen (Mint Chocolate Stout), 4) Fantastic Voyage (Coconut Milk Stout) [Beer 52], 5) Fete de Noel (Belgian Strong w/ Rosemary, Orange Peel, and Raisins), 6) Hereafter (Witbier (I think) with Sage and Pear), 7 Aria (Belgian Pale Ale with Brett Yeast), and 7) the Saison de Lis.   Wow!  These beers were awesome and they kicked our butts!  Oh, one of the owners/brewers was there and gave us a quick tour.  Score!  The beer was so good we forgot to pay our tab.  lol.  Gave me an excuse to go back and drink some more …


WP_20131127_023 Here was a look at their current stock and beers.  Small volume through the brewery but they are expanding.  They have good demand.

WP_20131127_022 This set of barrels are from the Side Project work … you gotta get your hands on some of these beers.  Most Excellent.

WP_20131127_021 WP_20131127_017WP_20131127_016WP_20131127_015 

From Perennial we went to 4Hands for their twice monthly (on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays) “Beer Swap meet.”

I really enjoy everything about 4 Hands.  Of course, we got the complete sampler here too … The folks are awesome, beers are good, and you can sample so many different beers … all so good!  Come on over and enjoy with them.

WP_20131127_024 IMG_2319 IMG_2317 IMG_2314

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Beer 50: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

I thought it appropriate for Beer #50 to be a Missouri beer (since that’s where I live).  I went for the Boulevard Brewing Tank 7.

beer50 beer50a

So good!  This Farmhouse-style Ale really hit the spot.  And there was more than enough to share!  This saison was so nice and spiced very well.  I have a soft spot for these french/belgian-style wheat beers … they are starting to rival my German wheats for my affection.  I will just have to keep sampling both to see who eventually wins that fight.  Oh well.  Too bad for me.  haha.

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Beer 49: Yin AND Yang (Not Together)

Shared today’s beer with my friend Mike.  He’s probably more of a beer geek than me if you can picture that!  We reached deep into my beer fridge (well … the one on the right … haha) and pulled out an Evil Twin set of beers:  the Yin and the Yang.

The Yin is an Imperial Stout.  The Yang is a Double IPA.


Both of these beers are very good.  Apparently, they are intended to be mixed like a black and tan.  You can buy the mixed version at the store.  We, on the other hand, decided to drink them separately.  Yummy.  They were quite good.  I drank the stout first and then the IPA.  Definitely worth picking up at your local specialty beer outlet!

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Beer 47: Imperial Russian Stout

Tonight’s beer is a repeat brewery: emelisse.  The beer?  Their Imperial Russian Stout.

beer47a beer47 - russian imperial stout

Quite good actually.  Although I can’t tell the difference from a Russian Imperial Stout.  haha.  That’s a little humor for you folks.  I will buy this one again — I want to do a vertical tasting with a couple of other Imperial Russian Imperial Stouts.  B-)

Enjoy! Beer Mentor