Beer 30/Day 30 – Another Hommel Bier!





beer30 - Poperinge Hommel Bier

I thought it only appropriate to close out the first 30 days of this 365 day challenge the way I started it!  With a Hommel Bier.  My first was a Perennial Hommel Ale.  Today’s beer is the original one: Poperinge Hommel Bier.  I love this beer and I love the city.  I thought the right thing to do was to enjoy it with a traditional Belgian dish … so I added the Mussels.

beer30a - mussells

This city is the center of hop growing in Belgium.  Eurohop is here (owned by Eric Lagache) — worth a stop for sure!  I’ve been here twice and it smells wonderful every time.  Mr. Lagache is very nice.  

Westvleteren is 15 minutes from the city center.  If you are on a beer trip to Belgium you should add this place as one of your stops.  Highly recommend Hotel de la Paix.  Right in the city center and owned by a wonderful couple.  This hotel is where I had my first Hommel.  The word Hommel means “Hops” in the local dialect and it is a decidedly hoppy beer.  The flavor is wonderful and this bottle-conditioned will always offer up a surprise.  

Where did I enjoy this beer and meal?  Why at Tripel Brasserie of course!

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor


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