The Beer Mentor

Savoring the experience

I was a “late bloomer” in the “beer consumer business.”  I actually didn’t start drinking alcohol until I was 31.  My first beer was a Bitburger … a nice German Pilsener (the premium pilsener).

Since that time, I’ve continued to “experience” all kinds of good brews (and a few bad ones).  I think I can now classify myself as a Master Beerman. Not only do I consume beer, I also make beer, and I’ve traveled to many of the more famous beer making/drinking locations to build my knowledge.  This blog is meant to help others on their journey to Master Beerman.

Beer Mentor

2 thoughts on “The Beer Mentor

  1. Henry,
    It depends on what type of beer events you want to host. There are 3 kinds of events I can think of: 1) a personal party/beer tasting/etc. 2) A Homebrew Competition/Tasting. 3) A Commercial Tasting Event/Etc.

    If you can narrow down to one of those three, I can help point you in the right direction … Thanks for the comment!
    Beer Mentor

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