Beer 29/Day 29: Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale

Going for the third day in a row with a world-class beer: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.  I had this one lounging around in the refrigerator.  Thank goodness!  The Centennial hops in this beer really stand out both in the Aroma and in the Flavor.  It is well-balanced with a nice malt undertone.  I would classify this as a cross between both East Coast and West Coast IPAs.

WP_20131104_002 (1)

I really fell in love with Bell’s beers while I was living in Washington, DC.  I had the pleasure of meeting Larry Bell at the Devil’s Den while attending Philly’s Craft Beer Week.  A super nice guy with the knack for brewing lots of beer without losing a robust beer flavor.  My hat’s off to him!  Keep it up Larry!

Beer Mentor!

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