#38: 5 seasons brewing (#122)

Went to 5 Seasons Brewing in Atlanta on the 27th of November, 2011 … I was on my way to the East Coast for some training … and since it was on the way!  haha.  This is listed as location number 122 on All About Beers growler list (see previous post)–it is #38 on the list for me.  This location is the original — I think there are now 3 “5 Seasons Brewing” locations in Atlanta.

As I stated, I was passing through — you can see that my car actually fit in their parking garage!  Sweet …

Once out of the parking garage, you have a nice view of the interesting entrance into the “Brewery.”


Since I was driving I had to limit myself to the sampler … nice selection of beers.  I sat at the bar–I really liked the way they had their bar set up — good looking taps.  All of the beers were fresh tasting with no off-flavors from infected lines.  That’s always a plus!


Of course, you can’t just drink the beer … you’ve got to sample the menu too!  I did and it, too, was very good.  I highly recommend this place if you are passing through Atlanta.  The staff were very nice, their menu items were very palatable (I had the alligator eggrolls and the Spaetlze), and the beer was excellent!  Of the five I sampled I really enjoyed both the Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale and the Hopgasm.



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