Bell’s: Java Stout

I really enjoy Bell’s Brewery’s Beers (there’s a tongue twister for ya!)

From previous post you will read that my friend and I ran into Larry Bell at the 2009 Philly Beer Week.  I saw him again a couple of weeks later at RFD in Washington DC tapping his Oberon beer for the summer season.

He was (and I presume still is) very easy going and willing to sit and talk about life, beer, and everything.  His brewery used to be called Kalamazoo Brewing … he changed the name in 2002, but he’s still making really good beers.   The one I had tonight was the Java Stout.  Wow!  The coffee just jumps right out at you in this one. If you have a spicy burger or a nice steak and you want to enjoy it with a beer this would be the one.  It really complimented the burgers I threw on the grill.


Beer Mentor

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