Victory: Whirlwind Witbier!

Tonight’s brew? Victory Whirlwind Witbier.   I started with high expectations for this beer and couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep the high or not.    After the first sip, I was trying to decide if a witbier can be too light.  The color is nice — that’s not what I mean by too light.  The aroma is spot on for a Witbier.  Even when I taste it … excellent!  But the finish just seems to be a little too light … and then I think, could I be trying to change the style?

Today I was given a lesson on American-style Hefeweizens … and I realized I judged another beer in my mind based on the wrong style.  Was I trying to do this to a Witbier?  Isn’t it supposed to have a light finish?  Well, I went to the experts: The BJCP (The Beer Judge Certification Program)–I was right.  What I’m calling light, they call thin … and it shouldn’t be.  But if that’s the only flaw I find in this brew … well … ok!  It’s a good one then.


Beer Mentor

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