Left Hand: 400 Pound Monkey

Today is an off-kilter beer from an off-kilter company.  Left Hand Brewing.  Ever since I sampled the Left Hand beer at the Great American Beer Fest in 2003, I’ve been a big fan.  Today’s beer is a relatively new one from them … the 400 pound monkey.

This beer is an English-style IPA (seems a lot like what I define as an East-Coast IPA).  The hops are prevalent in this beer.  It’s well-balanced though and makes it a pleasure to drink.

The only problem I have with any IPA that doesn’t go over the top with the hops is that it leaves me craving more hops.  So I end up bringing out an even more hopped up beer then the last one.  If I want subtle from a beer, I don’t pick an IPA … so I’m not sure why anyone would want to try and make a subtle IPA.  Oh well, the joy of trying new creations — that’s why I love American Craft Brewers!

Beer Mentor

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