Heavy Seas Brewery: Saison

Today I moved away from the IPAs … I’ve been on a long kick with them … but I think it’s just because I’m catching up from my six months away from them.  Plus, I really like IPAs.  Oh well.  Another of my favorite styles is the Saison.  I was at Whole Foods today and ran across this beer.   My daughter collects bottle caps so we were looking at beers from that perspective.  The Heavy Seas brewery has a pretty cool bottle cap…especially if you like pirates, which she does.  Then I looked at the Bottle: Red Sky at Night. I couldn’t tell what this beer was until I looked closer.  As soon as I saw it was a Saison, I got a sixer.  ha ha!

If you are really observant, you’ll see that this is poured in a Schneider-Weisse Beer glass — I’d just enjoyed an Aventinus before trying this Saison.  That may have clouded my judgement a little.  This was a decent Saison … once I was halfway through with it, the flavor of the Saison really started coming through … that subtle wheat … nice mouthfeel.  Yes, I will drink the rest of my six-pack, unless my daughter beats me to it! LOL!

Beer Mentor

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