South Africa: Newland’s Brewery

I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa in June of 2012.  While there I made it a point of touring the oldest brewery in South Africa … Newland’s Brewery.  Technically it was the Mariendahl Brewery in the early 1800’s, but all breweries eventually change, don’t they?  Well … maybe not some German breweries.  haha.

IMG_0686 IMG_0687

Yes … Newland’s is a part of the SAB family of breweries.  Regardless, the brewery was awesome, the people were great, and the beer was good.  I recommend a quick pass out that way if in Capetown.  The tour is 5 Rand I think … and you get to sit in the pub at the end and have a few!

IMG_0671 IMG_0676 IMG_0670 IMG_0669 IMG_0668 IMG_0667 IMG_0666 IMG_0665 IMG_0664 IMG_0663 IMG_0662 IMG_0661

This place has quite the history — and it’s well worth the tour.  I know most people think of wine in South Africa but there is definitely a tradition of beer brewing.  I enjoyed the lagers (naturally … what country doesn’t server lagers on the African continent?) and the Stout.  Like I said — you get to enjoy yourself at the end of the tour.  Reminded me of all my US brewery tours.  haha.

IMG_0678 IMG_0684 IMG_0683 IMG_0681 IMG_0679 IMG_0677

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor

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