Abita Brewing … Restoration Ale

On my way back to Texas in December I was looking for a place to stop overnight … I was scanning the map (should have been scanning the “Beer Mapping” tool), but I was just using good ole’ Google.   I was trying to make my way through New Orleans so I could stop at Cooter Brown’s.   Since I had my Mountain Bikes on my car and all my luggage,  I didn’t want to stop downtown New Orleans so I was looking for a place up around the I-12/I-10 interchange and realized Abita Springs was up there!!  Yes.  What did that mean?  Well, Abita brewing obviously!   After a little more searching I found out they have a brew pub in their Original Brewery.

I pulled into this place and was pleasantly surprised.  It was not crowded at all, the people were friendly, and they had a full selection of their beers on tap.   I spent a couple of pleasant hours in this place — best of all, they had a cask-conditioned version of Abita’s Restoration Ale.  Wow!  It was very good.


If you are passing through and would like a refreshing, local brew and some pretty good food I recommend a stop.  It was a nice diversion on my drive to Texas!


I understand that the brew pub is not owned by Abita but it was nice anyway.  Once I was finished I drove by the Brewery just to say I’d been there — I think they were having their Christmas Party that night!  haha.


Beer Mentor

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