Kempinski Resort in Djibouti

So if you come visit Djibouti I would recommend staying in a couple of places.  There’s a Sheraton here.  There’s also this place: Kempinski Resort.  This place is a five-star hotel/resort.  You have to see it to believe it.  It has as many as five bars to choose from … Check out the details here.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of hanging with some friends at the Kempinski.  What was special about it?  Well … besides the live music, great scenery, they had both Stella Artois and Leffe on tap.  The only drawback on having Belgian beers available was that they didn’t have the right glasses for it.  However, that’s ok — I enjoyed the glass they gave me for my Leffe … especially since I could only have two!

Ha ha.  Again … the Kempinski is a nice plan to go if you are in the area! :o)

Beer Mentor

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