Part of the Old Dominion: Lost Rhino Brewery!

In December I had the pleasure of visiting the Lost Rhino Brewery with my good friend Brian (and his lovely bride).

I think the place has had a face-lift since then … it was pretty nice then–I’d like to visit it again to see the changes!  It is out a little ways in Loudon County (Virginia) … but worth the drive.  The folks who own this place were originally brewers in the Old Dominion Brewery.  When they saw their original brewery (and brewpub) closed in the area they decided to open another place … Lost Rhino.

We sampled all their beers (thanks for driving, Lynne!)  We also showed up for the tour … the fellow who gave it (I can’t remember his name, darn it) did a great job.


Very knowledgeable … you were able to walk around and look into everything … it was the way a brewery tour should be!  These folks are passionate about their beers… yes … we even got to sample the fresh stuff (see pic).

I only had one complaint with the trip … the ladies serving the beer weren’t very pleasant.  Actually they were downright cold (a little rude).  However, everything else was worth it.  Make the trip, drink the beer.  You’ll be glad you did.  And tell the ladies hi for me.

Beer Mentor

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