Beer 43: emelisse Double IPA

Another in my Randall’s series … haha.  I’ve never heard of Brouwerij Emelisse from Kamperland.  However, I saw their beers and decided to give them a try.  As I try their DIPA … the jury is still out.  I like it, but it has that slightly sweet taste you get when there are just way too many hops/residual sugars in a beer.  Kind of like the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA … it is just too much for me!  This was a close second to that.  That didn’t stop me from drinking it!  haha.

beer43b beer43a beer43 - emelisse DIPA

The label is simple but effective.  I bought it didn’t I??   Give it a go!

Beer Mentor

p.s. – as I peruse their webpage I am putting their brewery/restaurant on my list of places to visit on my next European beer trip …


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