Beer 42: Royal Porter a la Taza

On Sunday I stopped by Randall’s to pick up a series of beers to have at the house for my 365 challenge.  I challenged myself by picking 14 beers I hadn’t had before.  The first in this series was a Porter out of a Spanish Brewery: Nomada Brewing Co.

beer42a beer42 - Royal Proter

The Royal Porter a la Taza.  I’m going to admit it … this is a good beer!  I know nothing about this brewery, nor do I understand what the name means.  It translates as “Royal Porter Cup.”  I poured mine in a glass.  This is a classic Baltic Porter.  The flavor was spot on … great aroma.   The artwork is really cool … if you are looking for something new and a little different, pick one of these up if available.  (Did I mention that Randall’s has a great selection!)

Enjoy! Beer Mentor

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