Beer 36: Stillwater Artisanal Sensory Series v.1 Lower Dens



Today was Veteran’s Day — I’m proud of my dad, both brothers, and my son for serving!  We covered the Marines, Army, and Air Force.   No Navy folks for us … probably because we come from Texas.  haha.

I was out playing disc golf today at a really nice course here in St Louis … great weather and day. Don’t ask me why I had my shirt tucked in … lol.



Anyway, what was waiting for me after my round?  A Stillwater Artisanal Ale … another of his Sensory Series: v.1 Lower Dens.  You can read about this collaboration effort with the musicians at this link.

I really like all of Stillwater’s beers.  He’s definitely the preeminent gypsy brewer in the US right now.  This beer is no exception … a saison brewed with Hibiscus … the flavor was great.  I made sure to swirl around the sediment in the bottle and capture that in my glass.  I love those European-style Wheat beers (Weizen, Weisse, Saison, Wit, etc).  For some reason they sit better with me than the American-style.

Beer36 - Stillwater Beer36b

Another reason I like Stillwater beers is because he doesn’t leave out any details.  All of his labels are works of art — he definitely likes to include all aspects (as evidenced by this series) of the art world.  I’d recommend surfing his page and checking it out!

Oh, and he mentioned in his blog that there is a home for many of his beers — it is a pub in Baltimore call “Of Love & Regret.”  I checked out the draught list and there are definitely a LOT of his beers.  I mentioned the Brewer’s Art as a good location, but I think I would try this other place first!

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor

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