Beer 27/Day 27 – Rochefort 10

Well, I said I was going to drink only fantastic beers for the next two weeks–this is an awesome start!  Many beer-aficionados say that Rochefort 10 is one of the best beers in the world.  Ranks in the top 20 on beeradvocate and in the top 10 on ratebeer.  Of course, these websites are heavily skewed by Americans.  So the rankings on these sites are like calling the American Major League Baseball Championship the “World Series.”  Regardless, this Rochefort 10 is an amazing Quadrupel (Belgian Strong Ale).



Of course I am of the opinion that, if you can get them, it is appropriate to drink a beer out of the glass designed for that beer.  I bought this glass at Achel Brewery (they had an amazing beer glass selection too!)



Actually I bought this case of Rochefort at Achel too–I was living in Germany at the time.  I drank all of that beer.  Fortunately, not 5 minutes from my house is Randalls.  Awesome store.  Their beer selection is amazing.



Currently I have some nice homebrew in this case ready for consumption!

I visited this brewery in 2009 and I have to say it wasn’t very inviting.  It is kind of outside of a small town and there’s no real signs to guide you to any “visitor’s center.”

rochefort-locale1 rochefort-locale2 rochefort-locale3

Both Achel, Westmalle, and Westvleteren are similar, except they each have focused visitor locations.  The beer store at Achel is amazing.

Achel-Locale1 achel-locale2 achel-locale3 achel-locale4

The Cafes at both Westvleteren and Westmalle are exceptional.  The two most inviting Trappist breweries are Chimay and Orval.  Many times there is a Monk answering questions at Chimay and you can enter some of the grounds.  Orval has a nice tourist setup and  you can also schedule tours of the brewery.  Well worth a visit.

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor

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