Beer 26/Day 26 – Bavik Pilsner!



Well I ended up at my favorite wateringhole for the 3rd time this week on Friday!  Haha.  That place is going to bleed me dry.  Oh well … I will have a Beermentor’s Neighborhood entry on this place soon.  This is a quick hitter blog though … I had the Bavik Pilsner as my 26th beer.  Not really my favorite Belgian beer but it is easy to drink.  I sometimes drink one of these to cleanse my palate before going for the more flavorful Belgians.  Seems to work.

.Beer26 - Bavik Pils

Oh well … they can’t all be fantastic beers.  Wait a second?  Why not?  My goal for my next 2 weeks is to have one fantastic beer after another!  Stay tuned.

Beer Mentor


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