BJCP Exam and La Cumbre Brewing

Yes … I am still alive and kicking!  You may have had your doubts due to the paucity of posts … but I will get this thing rolling!  I had two big goals this summer: 1) get moved to San Antonio, Texas … done! 2) take my Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) exam … done!

Neither of these were easy and I’m still experiencing fallout from the move!  However, the BJCP exam is finished.  In February of this year I searched on-line for a place I could take the BJCP exam–wow, is that difficult.  There are only so many sites who can schedule an exam and the exam has to be proctored … so the pool of available tests at that site is also small.  I found a site in Albuquerque, New Mexico in August (the 21st to be exact).  I called and was able to get on the waiting list.  Thankfully, a few people dropped out and I was able to move up the list!

It ended up being a great experience!  The test was very hard–probably the hardest test I’ve taken since my Master’s degree comprehensives.  Three hours of writing mixed in with blind beer tasting.  Yes.  The test is as hard as they claim.  It will test your knowledge!

The test location was at La Cumbre Brewing.


Yep … that’s my friend Mike.  This was also the site of the judging for the New Mexico State Fair.  I had the pleasure of judging some beers for 2011 NM State Fair Beer Competition the same weekend I took my test.   The test host homebrew club was the Dukes of Ale … everything was well set up, well presented, and thoroughly enjoyable.  Mike was a test proctor (nationally certified Beer Judge) and we both judged for the fair.

Back to La Cumbre for a minute.  If you check the recent GABF results–you will see that they medaled (2 Golds and a Silver!).  Way to go!  Their beer was excellent…if you are in the area, definitely stop by the brewery–you can drink right on premises.  Just be careful where you park! LOL!

I won’t receive my test scores for a couple of more months.  I also combined this weekend with some Mountain Biking!



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