Southern Star Brewery (Conroe, Tx)

On Saturday I drove over to Conroe, Texas (near Houston) to tour the Southern Star Brewery.  This is a small regional brewery that makes three commercially-available beers: Bombshell Blond, Buried Hatchet Stout, and Pine Belt Pale Ale.  They make a number of other beers but I think they are only available at the brewery.  An example of this was their Pro-Am collaboration Black IPA.


This is a great brewery, awesome people, and an excellent atmosphere.  You show up on a Saturday at 1pm, pay $5 for a pint glass and you get to drink free beer.  Their brewery location reminds of Heavy Seas in Baltimore (except a little bit smaller).  Tucked away in an industrial/commercial complex it’s quite the laid back atmosphere.  They have brats/burgers twice a month out back–and they let you tour around the brewery!  Here are a few pictures — they have the most interesting fermentors I’ve ever seen … and most of them all have interesting names too!


Another interesting thing about this brewery is that they can all of their beers.  Here’s their “canning machine” — two at a time!  Wow!  Look at the stack of beer cans ready to be filled!


They are producing about 3500 barrels a year with plans to push it up over 5000 this year (2011/2012).  If you are in the area, I highly recommend a stop in at Southern Star — Well worth the trip!


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