Freetail Brewing Company (San Antonio, Tx)

You may have heard that there is a craft beer renaissance going on in Texas.

One of those breweries “participating” in this revival of craft brewing is Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio.  They have an excellent reputation and A  ratings on BeerAdvocate.

The brewpub is in a shopping center on the north side of the city–They have a great layout and an even better selection of beers!


From the limited number of trips I’ve made there already it seems that they specialize in two types of beers … Wits and Sours.  They have others available (IPA, Amber, Etc), but they seem to produce several small batches of specialty beers (kind of like in-place gypsy brewers)–haha!

Here are the 10 I had at one tasting:


The first photo represents my sour tastings: 1) Prickly Pear Ate’ (Sour), 2) Rubio Fumando (smoked beer), 3) Chile Fumando (another smoked beer), 4) Ate’ (Sour), and 5) Bandito (Sour).  All of the sours are called “American Wild Ale” but they are definitely belgian-inspired/fermented.

The second photo represents my “wit/hop” tastings: 1) Hopothesis (double IPA), 2) Real Tail (witbier collaboration with Real Ale Brewing), 3) Spirulina Wit (obviously a wit), 4) Witicus (double witbier), and 5)  S.A.weet IPA (American IPA).

I’ve also eaten here twice–the food was excellent, the beer outstanding, and it is a good atmosphere.  I highly recommend a visit the next time you are in San Antonio!


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