Troegs Brewery (Harrisburg, PA)

I had the opportunity to visit the Troegs Brewery on Saturday, 16 April.  One word: Wow!

The Troegs Brewery name is a play on the owners’ name–two brothers: Chris and John Trogner.   As soon as you walk into this place, you can tell they have a passion for brewing. I had signed up for the tour about 3 weeks in advance — thank goodness!  The place was packed!  Their tasting room is retro-fitted into the active brewery.  Great atmosphere for a beer geek (and my beer geek friends!) like me/us.

As soon as we started the tour we knew it wouldn’t be like some of the others.  Why?  Because you walked through the heart of the brewery.  Check out these pictures–right in the middle of the fermentors…by the lab…around their specialty casks…with a look into the storage area/bottling line.  And if you look real close,  you will see our tour guide was one of the owners!  Awesome.

Both of the brothers were there on Saturday.  Really approachable–took the time to talk to you, answer questions.  Very nice guys.

Oh, and did I mention they have a tasting room?  All of their beers (plus some specialty ones) were available for tasting … and the price is very reasonable!  This was a great visit and a great tour!

However, if you want to experience this location, you better head there before September of 2011.  They are building a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Hershey, PA.  For information on that, check out this link.  I think that location will be just as fun if I had to guess.  Make the effort to go … you won’t be disappointed!


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