#32: Top of The Hill Brewery (#118)

The weekend when I visited the World Beer Fest I had the chance to stop in to another place on the “All About Beer” Growler List – #118: Top of the Hill Brewery in Chapel Hill, NC.  This place is right on the corner of the University of North Carolina Campus.

This place was nice … but I wouldn’t put it on the list.  I think two reasons it is on the list: 1) because All About Beer is from this area, and 2) it is another place where the experience is better than the beer.  Like going to Indianapolis Motorspeedway and drinking bud.   You don’t mind drinking Budweiser if you are at a fantastic event!  But back to Top of the Hill.  They are definitely a brewery and they have 3 – 4 cask strength ales … so from that statement–excellent!  They only serve their beer.

I can picture myself standing in this place while March Madness is going on and drinking good beer … awesome!  However, if you want a more robust beer selection try Milltown down the street a ways (I’ll have a post on that place later).

Beer Mentor

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