Gluten-Free Beers

Ok, let’s talk gluten-free beers for a moment.  For those who don’t know gluten is considered to be “wheat grain protein.”  The offending protein, gluten, is found in wheat, barley, rye–obviously, for beer drinkers, no barley is a bad thing!  If you are allergic to this, then “gluten” is a toxin to  your body–read more here: Celiac Sprue

So there are several companies out there who are now making beers that are gluten-free–that means the beer is made from sorghum, or buckwheat, rice, or any other non-gluten grain.   This list is based on beers my wife (who is gluten-intolerant) tells me are good to her (it doesn’t matter if they are good to me — I can drink any beer I want!)

So, from someone who is a “Celiac,”  here’s her beer opinions:

Bard’s–this beer is ok, but not her favorite.  This would probably be the last gluten-free beer she would chose.  It’s just too light, not enough character.

Green’s — these guys make several gluten-free beers.  The ones my wife has had are English or Belgian-style beers which are basically a Belgian Strong Pale Ale (Quest), a Dubbel (Endeavour), and an English Strong Ale (Discovery).  I know what the beer advocate ratings say, but these are very good gluten-free beers.  She would recommend these to any Celiac. (They are higher alcohol beers, though, so be careful)

RedbridgeYeah, I know, an Anheuser-Busch beer.  But she really likes this one–it is her daily go-to beer.  I keep a stash of this in the fridge for her and, when she’s not drinking wine, she likes to grab one of these.

Finally, the last beer she had was a Spanish beer that is gluten-free: Estrella Damm.  This one has won a gold medal the last couple of years … it is an excellent, gluten-free beer.  This one is probably moving up to be her favorite.

She will continue to sample other gluten-free beers as she gets the chance–the selection is growing … which is wonderful for her!


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