#17: Clark’s Ale House, Syracuse NY (97)

A couple of weekends ago I was heading up to Ottawa to visit some wonderful friends and I realized that there were two places on the “All About Beer” Top 125 places list in Syracuse, NY (on my way).  Well, I obviously had to stop!  I chose my namesake location on the way up–Clark’s Ale House–and planned on stopping at the Blue Tusk on the way back.  Unfortunately the Blue Tusk was closed on Sundays (they were cleaning the tap lines when I was there–yes! I love the place and haven’t even been there yet!).

Well, Clark’s Ale House was open and wow!  What a neat place … They had a wonderful selection of beers PLUS a hand-pulled casker … sweet.  I ‘think’ it was a hand-pulled Middle Ages brew (the local brewery!).

You could tell they really loved their beer and beer selection and they took care of offering it to you at the right temperature … this place is worthy of being on this list!

Oh, did I say their Roast Beef sandwiches are phenomenal?  Well, they are!  Worth a stop … even if it’s out of your way.


Beer Mentor

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