Middle Ages Brewery Festival!

With a stroke of luck I stumbled upon the Middle Ages Brewery’s 15th Anniversary Festival.  Yes!  I was already going to Ottawa to see some friends and they (Middle Ages) just happened to be having their 15th Anniversary festival on the day I was driving back to Virginia … well who wouldn’t stop and have a couple?

Here’s a shot of the brewery — the park was right across the street — festival was free.  Just buy your beer tokens, stand in a short line, and enjoy!

They had a pretty good crowd going and the party had just started…

So, yeah, I had a couple … starting with the cask ale (an IPA).  These guys are making some pretty good beers!

The catered food was excellent, the beer was excellent (had to stop with 2 darn it), the crowd was great, the people were friendly — I could get to like Syracuse (except for the cold weather of course!)

You ask, how could it get any better?  Some good friends of mine (Enter the Haggis) were playing at this festival as well … score!

So, I hung out for a couple of hours … and then drove back to DC! Ha!  What a great time this was.  Highly recommend their festival if you are in the area … and definitely try their beer!  I brought back about 6 different ones to sample (in a relaxed mode).  I’ll be blogging about them later.

Beer Mentor

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