Green Dragon Pub (Bilbo Baggins): Alexandria

If you are a “Lord of the Rings” fan AND a beer lover you will enjoy the Bilbo Baggins Cafe in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  This place  has an excellent beer menu (not large, but definitely a nice varierty).  I think this place has been in Alexandria since the mid-80s, so it was a Lord of the Rings place before the movies actually came out.

They rotate their beer selection seasonally so I would check back frequently before heading over there.  The pub/cafe is Lord-of-the-Rings-themed, but only subtly.  You will see some murals, different references to characters/places, and just a comfortable place to be.  I highly recommend the location for drinking beer (in the bar).

For those tempted to eat food there as well–apparently, according to reviews, the food selection is hit-or-miss … so eat at your own risk, but drink the beer on my recommendation!

Oh, so my beer for today was the Victory Stout on the menu.  It was seriously dark, nice chocolaty aroma, and the flavor was right were I expected for a stout.  The Victory folks have done a nice job with this beer.

Beer Mentor

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