Unearthly? Yes, and unbeatable!

The nice thing about being back in the USA is the availability of a wide range of brews.  I can still get many of the German and Belgian beers I enjoy while sinking my teeth into all of the excellent offerings from the USA’s craft / micro-breweries.

One brewery I think that has been right on target recently is Southern Tier brewering.  They are a New York brewery that is doing great things with beer.  They have been pushing the envelope on flavor/ingredients and it has really struck a cord with me.

My beer for today is their Unearthly — a 11% ABV super-hopped up IPA.  If  you read the label, you’ll see they hop it up early in the wort, plus use a hopback, PLUS dry-hop the heck out of it.  This beer is for you hop-fanatics … and fortunately, I am one!  LOL!

I strongly recommend this beer … but don’t pour you a big 22oz like I did if you are going to drive.  Fortunately (again) I was hanging around the house and had a nice buzz going about 1/2 way through this thing.

Beer Mentor

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