Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Wow.  What can I say — it’s good to be back in the USA, especially in the DC area!  For those who enjoy a great craft brew, it’s hard to miss out when you can find great selections within a couple of miles of your house.  Both Whole Foods AND “Total Wine and More” (focus on more) have excellent selections!  I purchased a nice six-pack of these Dogfish Head 60-minute IPAs at my local Whole Foods.

I won’t go into the details of how they use a hopback, etc … but you can read it here. This is just a fantastic IPA … from the first look at the color to the wonderful hop aroma to the final finish.  I love this beer.

Oh, and if you are in the mood to have it on tap (and you live in the DC area), just hop over (pun intended) to the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Seven Corners … and you can get all the other Dogfish Head brews there as well.   Well worth the trip!  DC is great!

Beer Mentor

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