Bobby … sorry … too much fun!

Of course, I heard it in a country song that there’s no such thing as too much fun.

Bobby, don’t read this …  Ok, go ahead.  Today I took another nice spin along the Neckar River…  I rode through some woods, a little single-track, up over a couple of hills, then back down to the river.  I followed one river to where it connects with the Neckar and stopped and had a piece of cake (kaese-sahne-kuchen) and a nice Weizen Radler.

This Weißbier came from the Pforzheim Brauhaus. Man, did it taste nice after the first half of my ride.  The weather was a little cool temperature, but not so bad I couldn’t sit outside and enjoy it.  That mix of beer and lemon-lime soda in a Radler really hits the spot!  All I can say Bobby is I wish you were here enjoying it with me!  Prost!

Beer Mentor

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