Schwarzwald … Turm Brau … nice!

I took a spin down through the Schwarzwald today … no, not on my bike this time.  I drove through a few villages just for the experience.  The first village I stopped in (really a small city) was Freudenstadt.  This was a lovely town with a nice little brew house.  I sampled both of their beers … an unfiltered Pilsener and a Hefeweizen.  Both very nice brews (I had the small ones in case you are wondering … still had a little ways to drive).  The brewery was the Turm Brau.  Here a are a couple of photos of the brewery.

Yep … their Pilsener was my new beer for the day!

I then drove down through Alpirsbach … and visited a more well-known Kloster brewery.  I actually saw the old brew house, but I took the tour of the Kloster.  I will try to post more pictures of it later, but here’s a couple of the old brew house and the Kloster’s new Pipe Organ.  It was beautiful…

Oh, here’s what I bought while down there.  (Don’t worry honey, I’m drinking it all here and not bringing any more home!)

Beer Mentor

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