Some singletrack Mountain Biking – German-style!

I finally got some singletrack work in today … it took some searching on Garmin Connect to find a ride close to me that had some singletrack … I’m still looking for other opportunities, but this one was very nice: Naturpark Schwaebisch-Fraenkischer Wald.  Here are a couple of pics of the trail …

Here’s two views of one section I didn’t ride … it’s about a 30 foot drop with about a 6 – 10 foot vertical face section at the first …

I got skills … but not that level of skills … so my bike and I took the stairs …

What better way to follow up a nice mountain bike experience but with a good, cold beer!  Today’s choice came from the Irsee Kloster again: Kloster UrTrunk.  This is a very nice export, obviously unfiltered … it is one of those easy-drinking lagers that has a nice flavor, good mouthfeel … it’s well-balanced.


Beer Mentor

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