Beermentor’s Neighborhood: Tripel Brasserie (Beer 41)

My favorite restaurant/bar in St Louis is Tripel Brasserie.  To understand why, I need to tell a short story.  I will keep it simple:  Before I moved to St Louis in June I thought I was moving to Belgium.  My mind was wrapped around all those Belgian beers (supplemented with some good German ones).   When I found out that, no I’m not going to Belgium, I’m going to St Louis it was quite the letdown.  However, once I got here and saw the thriving Craft Brew scene I was immediately cheered up!  I went to the Heritage Beer Festival in June and it was even better!  As I was making my way back to my apartment from the fest I stumbled across this restaurant (Tripel) that wasn’t open yet … but they invited me in and I was hooked ever since.  Great Belgian/French food paired with Belgian beer (and local Belgian-style beers) matched with great folks?  Who can pass that up?  I make it a point of hanging out there at least once a week (usually Tuesday) … many times I’m there a couple of times.  Here are a few pictures to show how great the place is:

IMG_2091 IMG_2092

 Oh look, Jim is coming out to meet me!


 A little welcome mat …


Plenty of beers on tap (local and Belgian)! And plenty in the bottle … they have a very nice selection.


 Matt and Darla hanging behind the bar.


A great space to have dinner — awesome decor.


Terry getting ready to put together the day’s special cocktail!

Oh, I guess I should go ahead and list my 41st beer in my quest:  The Petrus Aged Red.  On Tap.  They keep their beers moving in here … this is a new one on tap.  Another nice thing about Tripel — they have the right glass for each beer.  Definitely a plus.  Oh, did I mention it is less than a mile from my place?  An easy “walk” home … 


Enjoy!  Beer Mentor


Beer 23/Day 23: Houblon Chouffe!

Tuesday I was at my local wateringhole (it will be featured soon in Beermentor’s Neighborhood) — Tripel Brasserie.  Actually, this is where I am just about every Tuesday.  Haha.  This week I sampled the Houblon Chouffe … a “double IPA” from La Chouffe (Belgian Brewery)..

The combination of hop aroma/flavor matched with an excellent yeast character makes this a wonderful beer!  Highly recommend the Tulip glass — or even a chalice similar to the Orval glass.  You really want that nose to be in front (haha).  Let it warm slightly and the flavors will really burst from it.

beer24 - McShouffe

Enjoy, Beer Mentor

Beer 3/Day 3: Schlafly’s Tripel! Woo Hoo!

Stopped in at my local neighborhood Belgian Beer Bar … Tripel Brasserie.   This is basically my watering hole.  Let me know if you want to meet and have a brew there!

The beer selection is excellent, the staff is great, and the atmosphere is wonderful.  Oh … the food is excellent too.

But on to the Beer!  Today I had a nice Schlafly … This local (regional) brewery is making very good beer — as a matter of fact, their Pumpkin Beer is near the top of the list for best Pumpkin Beers in 2013! (Great to see Selin’s Grove and Southern Tier in the top 10 … those guys are awesome!)

Since I was at a Belgian-style restaurant I had the Tripel from Schlafly.

IMG_1504 IMG_1508

A nice touch at Tripel … as far as I know there are only a couple of places you can get the Tripel on tap and they have it.  This is a very good beer … right in style, goes down smooth … love the crisp hoppy flavor in this one.  The right spicy yeast too … very nice!

Recommend a trip to Tripel … you won’t be disappointed!

Beer Mentor