Beermentor’s Neighborhood: 4Hands Brewing (Beer 28/Day 28)

Welcome Back to Beer Mentor’s Neighborhood!  We are visiting a brewery 1.4 miles from my place but in another world because of the beers they are making!  This place is awesome. 4Hands Brewing.



I usually like to mix it up when I visit but today I stuck with the Resurrection IPA (28th beer in 28 days … keeping the train going!).  This beer is fantastic!  Maybe it is the Mosaic hops they are using … I don’t know.  But the Aroma and Flavor in this IPA is really satisfying.  I thought the flavor was Simcoe at first … but I guess Mosaic is derived from Simcoe and Nugget.  What a great kiddo.  haha.  Quick note: I’d go get some if you haven’t yet … it may be coming off the menu for a while.

They have a tasting option too and it is well presented.  Here’s a couple of pics of the Resurrection and the tasting flight.

IMG_2017 IMG_2016


This is really a nice place.


They have food available as well–however, it is a separate service so you will pay for the food separate from your beer.  

They have a great variety of beers and they have an extensive barrel-aging effort.  I didn’t try it this time but they have a beer called “Smoked Pigasus” — a smoked rye porter.  Can’t wait to try that one!


They have great events going on here and all over the city.  These folks are very involved in the Craft Beer industry and support local homebrewers.  Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday they have a bottle-swap event … worth checking out.  A few more photos for those who enjoy a nice brewery! Oh, I should tell you — you can buy growlers or take home some bottles too.  

IMG_2018 IMG_2014  IMG_2021IMG_2022  IMG_2015


Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Beer Mentor