The Halo Bar @ The Pageant (Beer 39)

I went to see All That Remains in concert on Thursday night.  They were fronting for Sevendust and Asking Alexandria, but I really went to see ATR.  It was awesome.

IMG_2071IMG_2079  Here I am with the lead guitarist. lol.

Speaking of awesome — The Halo Bar @ The Pageant is just that.  Check out the sweet music-themed layout here.  The pageant is a great music venue … the Halo Bar complements it.

IMG_2063 IMG_2067 IMG_2066 IMG_2064

Since I have the 4 Hands theme going this week, I just kept it rolling with the Single Speed Session Ale.    This is a good beer … easy drinking ale and fits that purpose.

beer39 - Single Speed Sessions 4Hands

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor


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