365 Beers … in 365 Days? First: Perennial Artisan Ales Hommel Bier!

Woo Hoo!  I took this 180 beers in 180 days challenge two years ago (see previous posts) … and I ended up making it to 250 beers/250 days.  This time … I’m going for the full year!  (I have to pad my Beer Drinker of the Year resume … (haha).

The first beer?  It is a Perennial Artisan Ales work … the Hommel Bier.

Yep, I went for the growler!  Beer advocate gives this beer an 89 and I have to agree.  It is almost a match to the Poperinge Hommel Ale (almost) … I just close my eyes and I’m back at the Hotel de la Paix enjoying one on draft!  But I digress … I liked this beer so much I did a taste test while at Tripel in Lafayette Square.

If you are in St Louis, I really recommend a visit to Perennial.  They are a little difficult to find (the GPS address takes you to the backside of the place … just drive around the block!)  The folks are awesome, they are really passionate about their brews and you can tell.  The Head Brewer has some side projects on-going and they usually have something really special on tap.  Worth a Trip!    Here’s a few pics of the place …
IMG_1472 IMG_1473IMG_1474 IMG_1476 IMG_1477

Enjoy!  Beer Mentor


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