A Beer Story: Stranded in Djibouti!

As many of you know, I go to great lengths to find and provide the most interesting updates I can … sometimes it is more of an adventure than at other times … take this one instance … I was out looking for my next adventure for posting when we ended up stuck in some doldrums …

Yes … can’t you tell we are stuck?  Why don’t we just use the motor?  Well … according to these gauges … that could be a problem.

I quickly begin to scan the horizon for a safe place to which I should swim!  Of course, I was wearing my life preserver just in case!  Fortunately I sighted a beach that looked promising!


Throwing caution to the wind I grabbed my snorkeling gear and swam for it!  Fortunately I learned to swim at a young age (10 or 11 … that’s young isn’t it??)

I knew I had to find water soon (or something to drink) — looking around, I realized I’d have to travel some distance to find that for which I was seeking.  I hopped the nearest camel and began my quest for H2O …

The search continued for what seemed like hours … even my guide was getting thirsty …


All of a sudden … in the distance … I spied something … a glint of sunlight … something …

We began to make our move in that direction …

Yes … there was definitely something sitting there … waiting for me …

I began to crawl to it … recognizing it for what it was!

A Bavaria Premium Pils?   What is this!?!  A German-style Pilsner made in the Netherlands sitting here in Djibouti? And it’s cold too … quickly I reach into my pocket to bring out my BJCP style-guidelines.  I mean, of course, I haven’t had this before so I should definitely record my opinion and rating on this for the masses … but then, I think … hold on.  Can’t I just drink a beer for beer’s sake?  Yes … after a long swim and a hot camel ride, this was a fantastic beer!  Sometimes you can enjoy beer just because it is.

Who am I, you ask?  I’m mentor.  Beer mentor.

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