Recognized Beer Judge (from the BJCP)

Well, my results came back from my test — I’m now a recognized beer judge according to the Beer Judges Certification Program.  My challenge is going to be finding some events to judge here in Africa for the next year — I will have to put the full court judging press on when I return to the USA in March to meet the criteria for judge’s points.

As I stated in a previous post, this was a very difficult test.  I understand they are changing the testing procedures … check the site above.  There were two parts really to the previous test:  1) Beer tasting section and 2) the technical/brewer’s knowledge.  Not that I’m making any excuses (but I am), I couldn’t put the effort into studying that I wanted to so my written test score was pretty low: a 61.  My tasting score was a 71 (in the “certified” category) — however, my cumulative score for judging was a 65.  This means I am a Recognized Beer Judge.  Yes.  The question you should have now is “is he really a mentor?”   Hell yes.  Trust me on this.  haha.

Either way–I’m just enjoying life!

Beer Mentor

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