#34: The Brewer’s Art (#71)

I made it to Baltimore on Saturday (see previous post) and continue to add to my “sites visited” on the All About Beer “Growler List.”  Brian and I capped a great day (American Craft Beer Week!) enjoying a nice dinner at The Brewer’s Art. (#71 on the list).


This place was pretty upscale … but then … laid back.  Quite an interesting atmosphere.  We “dined” in the upstairs portion.  The picture above with the stairs leads down to the cellar bar.  I had the Resurrection-Brined Grilled Rack of Pork.  Very tasty … however, I think I started with the wrong beer.  I went with the Green Peppercorn Tripel … wow.  This was a rock-solid Tripel–quite yummy.  I next had the Dorothea (collaboration with Stillwater (I think) … a blonde/golden ale).  Unfortunately, it was bland compared to the Tripel … I even had the Resurrection (sample)–the same.  Bland compared to the Tripel.  I should have had the Resurrection first.  I really like Dubbels … but, I really like them with the wild yeast, and I didn’t get that in this beer.


I would definitely recommend this place–excellent selection of beers–great bar upstairs AND downstairs.  Worth a visit!

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2 thoughts on “#34: The Brewer’s Art (#71)

  1. James

    Looks like fun – thanks again for the DuClaw this weekend. Hope that you were able to get the single speed out on Sunday.


    • I had a great time too — thanks for the extra beer/soda in the cooler. By the way — I did ride the SingleSpeed (10 mile loop today … but my freehub is shot. Then I rode another 21 miles (Hearthstone ridge/Wolf ridge). Never walk up Hearthstone again! 🙂

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