American Craft Beer Week – Day 7!

Today I wrap up American Craft Beer Week with a beer from my favorite Texas Brewery: Spoetzl Brewing (Shiner is the name of the town where the Brewery is located).

I opted for their newest summer seasonal: Ruby Redbird.  The name is a play on the type of grapefruit that comes from “The Valley” in Texas (down around the Rio Grande river) — Ruby Red Grapefruit.  When I was in High School in Texas, one of our annual fundraisers for the Future Farmer’s of America was selling boxes of Ruby Red grapefruits … I still remember the smell of all those grapefruits (and the taste).   The flavor in this beer reminds me of that.  It’s a very refreshing beer (Beer Snobs need not apply to drink this one … those are the folks who score it a “C” on beeradvocate)– definitely one to drink during the long, hot Texas Summer!


Beer Mentor

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