Yes! American Craft Beer Week is here!

Ok, it’s not like I’ll do anything different.  I plan on continuing to drink American Craft Beer and visiting those places that sell American Craft Beer.  Ok, I’m still excited about it! LOL!

I do have a plan for this week.  First, I will be sampling a different Craft Beer every day — today’s is a local (by local, I mean Baltimore!)  It is a Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet “AARSH” Imperial Red Ale. (More on that later).  Secondly, I will try to hit about 4 places (besides RiRa’s at least once!)

I’m already signed up to tour Clipper City Brewing Company (Heavy Seas Beers) on Saturday.  I want to try and get to 3 more places in Baltimore: 1) Stillwater Artisanal Ales, 2) Max’s Taphouse, and 3) The Brewer’s Art. (Already have reservations at The Brewer’s Art … yes!)

As for the beer from earlier … I really like this Imperial Red Ale.  Lovely color … head dissipates a little (but I think from higher ABV), very nice aroma — I get some malt and some subtle hops … flavor is very nice–definite hop finish at the end.  Here are a few random pictures I took of this beer … a great kick-off to the American Craft Beer Week!


Beer Mentor

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