#33: Selin’s Grove Brewery (#45)

I’m continuing to add to my “sites visited” on the All About Beer “Growler List.”  My friend Bobby and I capped a great day (see Troegs and Yuengling posts) by traveling to Selinsgrove, PA to visit #45 on the list: Selin’s Grove Brewing Co.


Once we got inside and saw the taps, you could tell we were happy!


I decided to go with the full sampler!  The only ones missing were number 5 (India Pale Pale), 8 (White Horse Porter), and #12 (mystery beer).  I really wish the IPA had been available–I understand that one is spectacular!


Since we were there around dinner time I had the sandwich and potato salad–great choice!  The food was excellent.

I have to admit though, the first couple of beers (the Cream Ale and Scottish) made me wonder why I came out of my way.  Don’t get me wrong–they were good…just not “drive-3-hours” good.  HOWEVER, when I started on the next few in the series…wow!  The brewer really has a skill for the dark beers … his Stouts were phenomenal.  I definitely wish he had the Porter …  And speaking of the brewer–he made an appearance!  Steve Leason is brewing up great beers!

I used my “Near Beerdrinker of the Year” status to obtain a secret beer — wow!  Was it good.  I won’t reveal the name/type (thanks Steve!).


This place is great and the people and beer are wonderful.  Two notes–it is small, don’t expect big–that’s not this place.  Also, check the website if  you are going for a particular beer–or better yet, give them a call.  That way you don’t drive out of your way and they are out.  They are not a large scale brewery — they are truly a microbrewery–but brewing great beers!  Worth a trip …


Beer Mentor

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