Summary Update: All About Beers Growler List

I’ve been busy (and will post soon) visiting more locations on the All About Beer Magazine’s “Growler List.”  This is a list of 125 best places in the world to have a beer.  Here’s a quick update on places visited since my last update:

From the summary — see my earlier post for explanation:

Total (actual) places visited: 31.  Those I’ve visited since my last post:

12) The Brickskeller (now Bier Baron) (Washington, DC)
25) World Beer Festival (Raleigh, NC)
33) The Wynkoop Brewery (Denver, CO)
45) Selin’s Grove Brewing (Selinsgrove, PA)
54) Falling Rock Tap House (Denver, CO)
118) Top of the Hill Brewery & Restaurant (Chapel Hill, NC)
124) Stumbling Monk (Seattle, WA)

Place substitutions: 5

Substituting for a place no longer open: 1

That gives me a total of 37 “visited.” Some of the next ones on my list:

9) Monk’s Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)
42) SandLot Brewery, Coors Field (Denver, CO)
71) Brewer’s Art (Baltimore, MD)
76) City Tavern (Philadelphia, PA)
101) Cooter Brown’s (New Orleans, LA)
106) Brick Store Pub (Decatur, GA)
122) 5 Seasons Brewing (Atlanta, GA)

That will get me to 44.  I have a couple of more on my stretch goals list, but they are dependent on some big variables … so I won’t list them yet! <smile>

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