#28: Wynkoop Brewery (#33)

Yep, on my recent trip to Denver I obviously made it to the Wynkoop Brewery.  This place is #33 on the All About Beer List “125 Places to Drink Beer.”

My friend Mike met me for the 2011 Beer Drinker of the Year dinner (more on that later).  Afterward, we sat at the bar and sampled a nice Belgian trappist-style ale they are serving right now … called Orville.  It was excellent (you can tell we were enjoying it!)

We had the pleasure of chatting with the Head Brewmaster (Andy Brown).  He and his crew are making some very nice beers.  He’s very personable–if you get a chance when you stop through say hey!

Of course, on one of our many trips to the restroom (downstairs) — we noticed they had several barrels from Stranahan’s distillery (all airlocked up and bubbling!)

They have two or three casked-conditioned beers rotating (those are worth a try too!)  Overall I was definitely impressed with the atmosphere and beers from Wynkoops–definitely deserved to be on the list.

Beer Mentor

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