#30: The Stumbling Monk (#124)

I recently traveled to Seattle and was able to find the time to visit #124 on the All About Beer’s Growler List … The Stumbling Monk. 

Don’t be fooled — this place is about Belgian Beer (or Belgian-style Beer).  That’s it … and that’s enough, isn’t it??  Food … no.  Chips … yes.  It is quite eclectic … and although the selection is not large (around 50 beers, 9-10 taps) … it is quality …

An interesting feature at this place is the collection of coaster art (see photo above).  I (obviously) had to add to the collection … and so I did! Oh, and no TV … you could actually hold a conversation.  Wow.  Great place … worth a visit if you are in Seattle.

What did I drink there?  Oh, just the St Bernardus 12 … happy as usual … if you can’t get Westvleteren … go for the St Bernardus!


Beer Mentor

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