#29: Bier Baron (Brickskeller) (#12)

After living near Washington, DC, I finally made it to the “Brickskeller.”  My 29th place on the All About Beer Growler list … #12 on the list.

I know, I know, it is now called “Bier Baron.”  However, at least I’ve made it to the actual location. I know some of the charm of the original Brickskeller were events hosted by Bob Tupper.  If you recall from an earlier post, I’ve been there done that.

Let’s talk about the Bier Baron then.  The venue was great … hole in the wall cellar … all the beer can paraphernalia was still there.

One of the complaints about Brickskeller was that, although they list over 1,000 beers on their menu, it was very hit-or-miss if you could get them.  Bier Baron claims around 500 beers … and if you look at their coolers you can tell they are definitely stocking a lot!

(sorry about my pictures — had to use my camera phone!)

I was there with about 7 people and, as we went through the list, there was only one beer we asked for that wasn’t available.  I can’t remember which one it was … however, I do remember the last one I drank … 21st Amendments Bitter American … an excellent beer.  Worth a trip if you are in DC …


Beer Mentor

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