#27: Falling Rock Tap House (#54)

Yes, it is official.  I’ve hit number 27 on All About Beer’s 125 places to drink beer.  The “Falling Rock Tap House.”  This place rocks!  I was in Denver this past weekend and had the opportunity to stop in here for a couple of special beers.

Just in case you were wondering, it was cold in Denver in February.  Here are the beers we sampled (on Friday AND Saturday):

We were able to sample four Russian River Brews: 1) Blind Pig, 2) Pliny the Elder, 3) Pliny the Younger, and 4) Consecration.  Wow!  What a line-up!  Both Pliny the Younger AND Consecration were limited release kegs that we sampled on Saturday.  Once again, wow!

If you love hoppy beers, these are for you (except for Consecration, a sour beer).  In order they were 6%, 8%, and 11% ABV.  The Pliny the Younger was absolutely the most well balanced hop/alcohol west-coast IPA I’ve ever had.  Amazing.  Here are a couple of pictures of it:

We actually showed up on Friday night, had Pliny the Elder, and then were told that we should come back at 1100 the next day for the Younger … so we did!  Here are some random shots of the bar … this place was full of character …

Oh, you’ll notice the last image says “Dain Bramage.”  The weekend we were there, they were having a Barley Wine on tap series … LOL!  This place was excellent.  Two other beers I had there on Saturday night … the Bull & Bush Man Beer and Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA.  Both nice beers.

You may ask yourself, “How did they drink all these beers?”  We had this excellent “Man Breakfast on our stomachs” on Saturday (see pics).

My recommendation to you — if you are in Denver, you should stop by this place and a have a few beers–well worth the trip! (oh, the food is excellent too …)

Enjoy! Beer Mentor

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