#s 21, 22, 23, 24: London “allaboutbeer” Trip!

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to London and was able to visit 4 more places on the allaboutbeer 125 places to drink beer list!  The locations, in order, were: #51 – The White Horse Pub, Parsons Green, #14 – The Market Porter, Stoney Street, #92 – Belgo Centraal, and #30 – The Olde Mitre Tavern, Ely Court, Hatton Garden.

What can I say!  Wow!  These places were all worthy additions to the list (I think).  If I were to rank them on this trip, I would say 1) White Horse, 2) Old Mitre Tavern, 3) Belgo Centraal, and 4) The Market Porter.  I’m sure if the times/dates I went were different I might change the order.  However, since this was my trip, I’ll talk about them (briefly) in this order.

1) The White Horse Pub.  An excellent pub.  Their beer menu is extensive (they had Westvlteren on their menu), I had the best Bitter I’ve ever tasted there (Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter), and I ate dinner here (Roasted Duck).  Wow.  Nice staff, great location–highly recommend it.

2) Ye Olde Mitre Tavern.  Any place established in 1546 deserves a visit from me!  We actually took a cab to this place — thank goodness!  The cab driver pointed down what looked like a sidewalk between two buildings … it was a very narrow alleyway … leading to this building!  The beer was excellent, but you go to this place for the locale!

This was the entrance to the alleyway … looks like a doorway …

3) Belgo Centraal.  This place was all about the Belgian beer (and food).  Once you get in this place, you realize all the wait staff are dressed in monk costumes!  Awesome.  We had dinner here … wow!  The food was great and there was a fantastic selection of Belgian Beers!

4) Finally, the last place on my list (but second visited) is The Market Porter.  I liked this place (a lot) but because I went there myself, and it was very close to closing time, I think this one deserved more of a chance.  Next Time!!

Yep … and then I had to take the London Tube back to the hotel … sweet!


Beer Mentor

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