#20: Deloween! Dogfish Head Brewpub (#91) + Brewery!

Once again my beautiful bride accompanied me to my next destination on my list of “pubs.”    We decided to make a weekend of it (over Halloween this year) and went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for what we call “Deloween!”  I convinced her to travel to both the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton AND the original Brewpub (#91 on the allaboutbeer list).

This is the outside of the brewery in Milton, DE.  The owner bought this treehouse from the artist … the style is steam-punk.  I thought it was pretty cool!  What was more cool was having the opportunity to see the inside of the brewery.  Here are a few candid shots of the inside.  Specifically, if you are a dogfish fan, you can see “Sir Hops Alot” plus some candid shots of equipment and ingredients … all quite interesting.  Additionally, the tour guide was quite knowledgeable …

From the brewery in Milton, we went to the Brewpub (original location) in Rehoboth Beach.  Here are some shots of that locale … you can see hops growing on the side of the building …

Here is a shot of the inside.

Yeah … it was good!

It just so happened that it was also Sea Witch Festival in Rehoboth Beach.  Cool.  We stayed at the Bewitched Bed and Breakfast … and strolled on the beach.  All in all, a great weekend!

Oh, and I took in a good haul of “goodies” at the end … a new bike jersey … plus they are making “distilled beverages” now … so we bought a bottle of Vanilla Vodka on site.


Beer Mentor

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